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Donkeys Do It Better: A Family Trek Together in Abruzzo
One of the best family adventures to have in Abruzzo is a morning’s donkey trekking from the small Medici town of Santo Stefano di Sessanio up to Rocca Calascio that is in National Geographic’s list of Top 10 European castles.
Joining this caravan of donkeys could be the first time as a family with young children you joyfully manage a 4-hour circular hilly zig-zag walk without any mention of “when will we be there”! As a parent it’s hard not to look back longingly on those long walks you used to take together before you were a Mummy and Daddy, so the solution dreamed up by Chiara, who runs Gira e Rigira, and her donkeys for family hikes accompanied by a historical or cinematic guide is wonderful. The donkeys happily carry bags and the little ones when they get tired, the little ones feel a great sense of responsibility leading and steering the donkeys and actually finishing a long hike, whilst Mum and Dad go home knowing the region a little more as well as happier that there is a way to do hikes from the past as a family……read more
From “Life in Abruzzo” blog